Exhibitions & Events  & Marketing solutions


Conferences and Events:

The importance of conferences and events increases rapidly and coherently in the world in general and the Kingdom in particular. Here the role of Zil&Nur appears in providing the solutions and ideas for organizing and producing the conferences and events using the most modern techniques, through:Designing the events, digital monitors and techniques and the modern display means


Building of Exhibitions:


Zil&Nur is characterized with transferring the ideas into three dimensional designs modernly and creatively through a team of professional designers with great experience in the field of designing the decorations of exhibitions.

Branding &identity
Branding & Identity

If you are going to launch a project or institution, whether for profit or non-profit. You need a start to build your brand and your visual identity, and it includes anything visual your brand produces such as logo design, fonts, images, color, and any other symbols you use to communicate your brand messages.


Digital marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing of start-ups shows the importance of helping to reach customers effectively and vigorously; The technology can be used to track, control and interpret procurement behavior.